Spring Of Giverny Meaning

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Claude Monet was a painter from the Impressionist Movement, a movement that encouraged using immediate visual sensations through color and light to paint. One of Monet’s most famous paintings is called “Spring of Giverny” which is based off of the actually town of Giverny in France. The Impressionist movement was born in France, and this makes sense because Giverny was a small town in France which is what inspired this painting. “Spring of Giverny” depicts a beautiful, sunny day in the middle of the woods. Ekphrastic poetry is expands the meaning of a piece of art, and an ekphrastic poem that expands the meaning of “Spring in Giverny” is “Faithful Forest” by Alberto Rios. “Faithful Forest” describes the beauty and story behind aged trees. It matches perfectly to Spring of Giverny because they both emphasize …show more content…

The main characters of the poem are the trees, and Rios develops their character throughout the poem then ties them back to the grander scheme of nature. Rios characterized the trees as “steadfast” (Rios 26). Using the word steadfast, meaning firm and unwavering, tells us that the trees have been in the forest a long time and are connected to other parts of nature. They are integrated into the forest. Details also convey a sense of harmony in the poem. The poet refers to the cycle of the seasons by saying, “The trees grew more leaves, but wind took them all” (Alberto 16), and this shows the connection between the trees and the wind. In the poem, figurative language is the device that creates the mood of harmony the most in the painting. To show the connection between the trees and the sky, Rios used the metaphor “Branches were lines on the paper of sky. (Rios 19)” These quotes give the poem makes them seem like they are a being. The union between the different elements of nature creates a harmonious

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