Stage Manager Personal Statement

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Since tenth grade, I had always been an active member of Lights and Sound Club, a school club that worked behind-the-scene for every school performance. I mainly participated in school plays, dance shows, and some talent shows, designing lights and operating a light board, operating a sound board, and moving props backstage. I also entered the leadership council of the club in my senior year; and in that same year, I worked as a stage manager in Hairspray the musical, one of the biggest events I had ever been a part of.

Being a stage manager, I needed to be responsible and committed to go to every rehearsal even if the tech and backstage aspects were not required. I also needed to work closely with the directors, the dance and voice instructors, my backstage and tech crew, and the actors themselves, by taking notice of the important notes and communicate them to the other parties. Working with others, therefore, required me to always take into consideration and value all the opinions from every party as the production being a huge group work, not just an individual effort. …show more content…

I would like to be open-minded and accepting to others, to make sure all the voices are heard and valued, to create a community that people learn to compromise with one another – as I had experienced that different people could value different things, and all opinions should be paid attention

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