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Can SAT’s Measure Intelligence Accurately?
1. Can SAT's Measure Intelligence Accurately?
The SAT’s have been around for quite some time, to be exact, the SAT’s have been around since 1926. First introduced as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then later renamed several times until it became known as merely the SAT. The SAT’s is a standardized test that is used to determine the skill level and intelligence of a student by compiling questions that involve math, critical reading, and writing. Then with the help of your SAT scores you attempt to move onto a higher level of education such as college. The main concern is that SAT’s may not judge a person’s intelligence correctly, resulting in a lower score and causing future problems for someone when they attempt to reach a higher level of education.
Every student is different on how they learn and how quick they can consume information. The SAT does focus on the core subject such as math and writing, but some students may excel in math and struggle with writing or vice versa. If this is the problem, then how does the use of standardized testing evaluate their skill level and capability? Giving the same test to everyone may look fair and all though they are being treated equally, but in actuality, they are only being tested in areas that some people prosper in while …show more content…

With more money to spend on tutors and books that can prepare a student for the SAT’s they will have a higher chance of doing well. While those student’s whose families do not earn as much money, seem to be at a disadvantage. When looking at families that make around $0-20k a year, we can see a significant score drop compared to those that earn $20-40k a year. The score gap only continues to grow as we look to families that earn a higher annual salary. With financial income now being another aspect to think about, can the SAT’s be found as fair to everyone that takes

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