Statement Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the “new electricity”. Today, AI is the highest-impact technology that has the potential to alter the pace of scientific progress and enhance human decision-making. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence for solving social issues can be fulfilling both emotionally and financially. This epiphany struck me when I came across a slew of start-ups which worked with the Indian government in the implementation of JAM trinity programs (Jan Dhan - Opening bank accounts, Aadhar - Citizen Identity Card, Mobile connectivity). As a result, rural labor engaged in government projects in India receive 100% of their wages every week in their bank accounts without paying bribes to intermediaries. AI has already become a …show more content…

To succeed in this endeavor, I believe that a Master’s degree in Computer Science (CS) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (UW-Madison) is the logical next step. As an avid quizzer, I was fascinated when IBM Watson beat two of Jeopardy’s all-time greats Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. Consequently, I realized that the “Man vs Machine” could be transformed into a “Machine for man” paradigm whereby machine learning augments human intelligence in solving practical issues. I developed a keen interest in Maths, Physics and Computer Science at the Higher Secondary level (Grades XI and XII) where I graduated with a 99th percentile score. To realize my aspiration, I specialized in Computer Science in the undergraduate program at the College of Engineering, Anna University, the oldest technical school (1794) and a Top 10 ranked engineering school in India (NIRF India). This program had foundational courses on Artificial Intelligence, Probability and Queuing Theory, and interdisciplinary courses on Algorithms and Theory of Computation. I also built up my programming skills in C, C++, Java and

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