Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Courage Analysis

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For some people courage is just natural and for some it’s hard for them but

courage is needed to do most important things. The book Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes

by Chris crutcher Sarah Byrnes stopped talk and Eric her best friend goes on a journey

to find out why. Throughout the entire book Eric is standing up for Sarah when her

dad is turned out to burn Sarah Byrnes face and got away with it until Eric decides to

tell a few people witch forces virile Byrnes to try to stop Eric. Now I think courage is

important to all people to ethers stand up for themselves take responsibility for their

own actions.

There are multiple types of courage one type of courage is the courage to stand

up for yourself. In my book Mark stands up for himself “I said to this class …show more content…

The people that to lie don’t say the lie in

front of all the people because they don’t think it is wrong or affect them after.

Another type of courage is to stand up for other people. people who see this

happening in front of them will need courage to stand up for the people who can’t

defend themselves“This girl is clearly in need of help. If you take her, I’ll call child

protection Services and report extreme emotional abuse and neglect.” (Page 166-167).

The nurse was clearly seeing that the Sarah was not capable of getting the help she

needs to talk. Most people in the world when they see something wrong happening the

will just look away. I feel like if more or all the people change to start acting on all the

wrong things in this world we might be able to fix them.

The next way of courage is the courage to tell people secrets. In this scenario Eric

is talking with dale and Eric tells dale Sarah told him how she really got burned. “This

is about Scarface, right? Yeah. He replace# his grease rag. I promised a long time

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