Stephen Hawking Contribution

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Stephen Hawking is well known for being smart, despite his medical condition, but does anyone ever care to understand what he has contributed to education? Or what he has contributed to knowledge? No, because the only thing media shows us is how he is capable of many things, even though he is disabled. Many people have the issue of making that connection between what Hawking is known for, and what he has actually done to be who he is today. Hawking is a brilliant man, and he has, and will, continue contributing to education in the fields of math and science for as long as he is capable. Hawking was born January 8th, 1942 in Oxford, England. He is still living at the grand age of 75 years old. Early in his childhood, the stars and sky captured his attention-even though his father wanted his eldest son to pursue a medical career, just like him. He attended St. Albans School for his primary and secondary education. He was often at the bottom of his class due to the fact that he was very inattentive during school, and spent little time on his studies. Being at the bottom didn’t stop his desire for education as he trudged on and was admitted into Oxford University at the age of 17. By the time he reached college, he wanted to study mathematics; but Oxford didn’t offer a degree in that specialty, so he ventured over towards the physics major. He graduated Oxford with honors in natural science and went on to Trinity Hall at Cambridge University to obtain a PhD in cosmology. (A)

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