Stereotypes In Advertising

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Stereotypes: The New Form of Advertising? Advertisements are used to capture a viewer’s awareness in order to sell their product with more ease and bigger results in sales. While most advertisements work effectively, there is, however, an abundance of advertisements that are considered to be offensive to many that come across it. Controversial advertisements have been increasing during the years. Many promoters have put risks on their company name in hope that their advertisement is successful. In a 2014 advertisement by Safra Gym, located in Singapore, the purpose is for their audience to sign up and buy a gym membership. Unfortunately for them, the way they promoted their product captures the audience’s attention, but not for them to buy their product. They portray their advertisement in a way that is considered to be sexist of women and stereotypical. The visual of the advertisement shows the setting of a gym, with workout machines in the background. In the foreground, there are three asian people portrayed: two men and a woman. One of the men is wearing a white tank top and black shorts. He is benchpressing weights, while struggling because he is distracted by the woman. The other male is standing up and is the spotter, whose role is to prevent the bench presser from injuring himself. He is wearing a blue tanktop and black shorts and is also getting distracted by the woman. The woman has her back turned toward them, lifting a two pound weight in her right

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