Stereotypes In Science Fiction

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At the age of seven years old, spending a year with my parents in a foreign country, I became hooked on my first Harry Potter novel. Over the next few weeks I blazed through all six of the released novels and completely immersed myself in the wizarding world, connecting with the characters on a personal level that, despite knowing they existed only in the ink of the pages, made me believe I was no longer alone. And yet, after closing the back cover of the final book I put it on the shelf and never told a soul the joy and excitement that I had gotten from them. None of my friends ever talked that way about fictional characters or seemed to care as much, so I kept my secret locked away. Years passed before I came to the realization that this …show more content…

Pre-internet, fan culture exclusively referred to science fiction or comic books and was considered a disdainful hobby, conjuring the image of an overweight middle-aged man spotted with day old pizza stains watching Star Trek(ITALICS) reruns for the umpteenth time. Conventions were less advertised, attended, and accepted as a room of costumed geeks that needed to “get a life”.(.”) Grey areas of fan culture were less apparent; either a person had a slight interest in and enjoyed a piece or it became their identity. Society squished all types of fans into this single mold without stopping to think of the intelligence and creativity of individuals or the power they wielded. It was never considered that riots over sports results or the Super Bowl were a much more violent form of fan culture, or that concerts and musical festivals were made entirely of fans. Even as early as 1893, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed London’s beloved Sherlock Holmes, fans took the streets with black armbands and dropped their 20,000 subscriptions to the publishing magazine, literally bringing their hero back from the dead by sheer popular demand. However, because sports, music, and magazines were popular, these even aggressive acts never fell under the period definition and were just passionate people, never

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