Stewardship Is A Major Part Of One 's Life

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From the time God created the world, stewardship has been a major part of one’s life. Adam and Eve were the first stewards of God’s creation and were to use it in a way that would not ruin it. Creation did not only include the earth with all the plants and animals, it also included the talents God has given, items one possesses, and one’s own body. All these came from God and are to be taken care of. Stewardship is maintaining another’s property for them; in the same way, God gives blessings to people not just for them to use, but also for them to take care of. As one of those whom God has given these blessings to, I must learn how to practice good stewardship and make these blessings last by not destroying or misusing them. Over time, I have learned what good stewardship is and its importance. In the present, I aim to practice good stewardship. In the future, I hope to make good stewardship a part of my daily life, whether it be working hard in my occupation or maintaining my living space. I learned the value of good stewardship in the past from experiences in school and experience working in the yard. In fourth grade, I was not a good steward of my talents and didn’t even know what my grades were. I did not view school as a place to learn; I saw it as a requirement and did not know why I was there. I did the minimum required to get by and that was it. I did not use my talents well and was not being a good steward of what God had given me. My perspective

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