Sticker Hang Tags

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When designing hang tags for your clothing line, you could stick to the typical tag that is displays your logo and the suggested retail price of the item. While these basic tags serve their purpose, they quickly end up in the trash once they are taken off the clothing after purchase. Customers may even love the design of the tag that you painstakingly created to catch and dazzle their eyes, but they may feel silly saving a clothing tag that has no further use. Eco-conscious consumers have even been posting on the internet asking for ways to reuse clothing tags instead of throwing them away. Why not design tags that customers can reuse, which provides them a bonus item when purchasing your clothing and makes sure they will never forget your …show more content…

Sticker Hang Tags

Sticker hang tags are perfect for clothing designed for children and teenagers. Small children love stickers and love to put them everywhere. Small children may urge their parents to purchase your item over another simply because they want the "free sticker" that comes along with it.Teenagers love to place stickers inside their school lockers and on their school folders. While teenagers likely won't choose their clothing based on a tag design alone, if they purchase your clothing, they are likely to place their new sticker someplace where classmates and friends will see it and give your brand free advertisement.

When designing sticker hang tags, you can choose an unusual die-cut shape, but make all corners slightly rounded to minimize the risk of the damage to corners that can damage the sticker. Keep the sticker design limited to your logo and brand name, but you can place sizing, suggested retail price, and and bar-code on the back of the hang tag. To make sure your customers immediately know that one side of the tag is a sticker, include a small "peel here" on the edge of the sticker itself or include a message on the back of it telling customers that the reverse side is a sticker.

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3. Book Mark Hang Tags

Another type of hang tag that your customers can save and reuse is a bookmark tag. This option is great for clothing designed for people all ages. Bookmarks used to tag children's clothing can be used by their parents to mark the page they are currently at in their night-time story books, and teens can use the bookmarks for their school books. Adults also still enjoy traditional books today, and they can make great use of them as well.

When designing bookmark hang tags, make sure to make a straight perforation line directly below the hole where the nylon string will attach it to the clothing item. Stick to typical bookmark dimensions, which is about 6-inches by 2-inches, to make it somewhat obvious to consumers that your tag is intended to serve as a bookmark after purchase. Place item size and price on the back of the bookmark and, and keep the front limited to a catchy design, your brand name, and a quote related to reading that you feel fits in well with your brand

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