Still I Rise Maya Angelou Analysis

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“Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou isn’t just a poem, it is a message to anyone who has ever been broken and felt like giving up that there is hope. Maya Angelou isn’t just a poet, she is also known for her roles and movies, being a civil right activist and an author. She has written many books and poems for examples “A song flung up to heaven”,” I know why the cage bird sang.” and “I know why the cage bird sang” is some of her famous books. “Touched by an angel.” “Phenomenal women.” And my favorite “Still I rise” are some of her famous poems. “Still I Rise” is my favorite, because it’s a writing I can relate to. Coming from a family where not too many people succeed it was easy for people to label me along with them, but I knew that what they said didn’t define who I was and that I will rise above all negative things. I believe Maya Angelou is speaking in the poem. I would describe Maya Angelou as resilient, confident, and determined. She is speaking to an audience, she is speaking to send a message to anyone who feels like giving up. I wouldn’t say the author's word choice effected the poem, it helped gave a better understanding of the meaning of the poem. The poem uses simile for example “shoulders falling like teardrops”. Also, the poem has a metaphor “The order of the poem doesn’t affect the poem, it just gives you different examples on how she will rise. Overall, I feel the entire poem is very descriptive There were many descriptive
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