Still I Rise

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Still I rise
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Maya Angelou’s poem Still I Rise is an astonishing piece of art. The reason I chose this poem is because it’s not only a poem, it’s a story. The poem is about Maya Angelou’s beliefs being a women of color about discrimination. It’s not just her personal story but a universal experience for those with an African American background. Throughout the poem, Maya Angelou uses many poetic devices to give us more in-depth meaning behind what is in the poem. These poetic devices help her poem flow, create emotion, and makes the read more interesting. The poetic devices Maya Angelou focused on throughout her poem are repetition, rhyme, metaphor, and symbols. These poetic devices work together to create an overall …show more content…

This change in rhyme scheme brings attention to the words that are being used. The two lines used are “Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave” (Angelou 39-40). The rhyme here brings attention to not just the two words, but the sentences before them. She is telling her readers that she is bringing hope and positivity to her fellow African Americans. Her perspective of rising above the classifications determined by others influences the others to do the same. The rhyme of the words bring great attention to them and the sentences. Rhyme is an effective poetic device used to focus readers on important messages throughout a poem and Maya Angelou successfully accomplished this.
A third poetic devices the author uses properly within her poem are metaphors. In the poem, Maya writes “I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide” (Angelou 33). The comparison of Maya to a black ocean, leaping and wide, indicates that she is deep, meaningful, giving off a sense of fear and evil. This is how she describes herself and her race because that’s how other races make her feel. The “black ocean” symbolizes the cruelty that has been brought on to her and all African Americans throughout the years. Having this metaphor helps the reader want to get a deeper meaning of just the words. The metaphor adds flavor to the stanza, creating the reader to be more interested. These words encourage the audience to use their

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