Stoicism : A Negative Impact On A Person 's Life

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Stoicism allows us to put things in perspective by telling us to focus on the things we have control over. It tells us to accept the external world as it is because we do not have control. Stoicism can be a positive in a person’s life because it can help them live a mores stress free and relaxed life. By not worrying about the things out of their control a person is able to focus more on themselves and improving the things that they do have control over. There are not all positives with stoicism. This thinking that of not worrying about everything that is out of our control can lead to people becoming complacent and working or fighting for something because they think that almost everything is out of there control so why should they waste their efforts. This is when stoicism can have a negative impact on a person’s life. They will not try to improve things because they will think there is no point because everything is out of their control. This can happen when people think that everything, not just external things, are out of their control. When following the teachings of stoicism it is important to be aware of these positives and negatives so it can be used effectively. The first line in The Hand Book of Epictetus says, “Some things are up to us and some are up to us,” (Epictetus, 11). This lines sums up the general teachings of stoicism. I think this line can be applied to all people and is important for people to realize. When a person realizes that they do not have

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