Story About True Sacrifice And Heroism

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Hi, my name is Jonas. I’m writing to tell you a story about true sacrifice and and heroism. There I was, standing onstage in front of the whole community all by myself. I always thought that when this day came, the ceremony of 12’s, that I would be happy. On that day I was the complete opposite of happy. I was scared, anxious, and nervous. I was even more scared when my name was skipped over and left to wait the whole ceremony to be chosen for a job. As it turns out I wasn 't chosen at all, I was selected, selected to the committee to be the next receiver of memory. It was a very honorable job that came with lots of responsibility but unimaginable pain. On my first day on the job I received a memory about sledding down a hill on a sled. My job as the receiver of memory can be very painful but also very thrilling. I receive all the information and truth about the past. I get to experience fun things like music, colors, and birthdays but also painful things like war, death, and cruelty. I forgot to mention that I also have a family. I have a dad, mom and a sister named Lily. My family also cares for a little baby named Gabriel that is not maturing well. My dad is a nurturer for the newborn babies. My mom is a judge at the court. My sister is a nine right now. One night I had this dream of a friend named Fiona. I wanted to bathe her. When I woke up in the morning I told my mother about the dream and she said that I had a stirring. She said I needed to start taking pills for

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