Story Of An Hour Analysis

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Kate Chopin wrote the short story, "The Story of an Hour" in April 1894, it was later published in the popular American Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine, the Vogue in December 1894 under the title, “The Dream of an Hour.” “…Vogue published fearless and truthful portrayals of women’s lives.” (Emily Toth) Kate Chopin often reflected the problems women faced in that time era in her writings and I think The Story of an Hour is ironic and overall pretty good.
The Story of an Hour starts off with Mrs. Mallard’s sister Josephine telling her the shocking news of her husband’s death. Mr. Richards who was her husband’s friend and Josephine were extra careful to deliver the news they worried it would upset Mrs. Mallard and affect her heart problems. Mrs. Mallard wept in her sister’s arms grieving for her husband, after she finished she went to her room alone. She sat quietly reflecting on her feelings, gazing out her window seeing the new spring life and patches of blue sky. This symbolizes the new life she was imagining for herself because yes, she loved her husband, but his death brought a certainty to her freedom. In the Story of an Hour Louis or Mrs. Mallard repeats “Free! Body and soul free!” emphasizing the freedom she felt. Her sister was on the other side of the door worried about Louis and unaware how she felt, she begged her to leave her room. Feeling liberated Louis left her room “and carried herself unwittingly like a Goddess of Victory,” (The Story of an Hour) to join her

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