Story Of An Hour Women Essay

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The women of this time period were portrayed as servants who did not have any say in anything. For example, "The Story of an Hour" portrayed just this, Mrs. Mallard was in a good marriage but she could not do the things she wanted to do. In addition, women were also portrayed as powerless beneath the men because men were powerful, everything was given to them once they were married. This work, by Kate Chopin, takes the readers on a journey through Mrs. Mallards life. She grieves her husband's death but then realizes it is an awakening of a new life. Kate Chopin reveals that even desire for love is trumped by the need for freedom and independence. Kate Chopin is not the only woman author who portrays women as powerless, Charlotte Perkins describes women as powerless and oppressed in her story,…show more content…
For instance, the narrator makes seemingly innocent remarks such as, "John laughs at me, if course, but one expects that in marriage and he is very careful and loving, and he hardly lets me stir without special directions." These comments the narrator is saying shows her growing mad and shows John's habit of being overprotective and oppressive. By the turn of the century, the authors created stories that defied traditional women's roles in the home. In each story, the female protagonist dreams about escape and freedom. Though many did not like the way these women authors were addressing the issue concerning woman's role in society, each message from each of the stories provided a powerful message of the effects that were occurring in many women's lives due to the way they were treated. In "The Story of an Hour" Kate Chopin addresses the issue concerning woman's role in society through the rights of women and through the responsibilities they have regarding family and marriage. In "A Wagner
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