Straight Outta Film Analysis

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The film Straight Outta Compton was a biographical film that followed the young rap group the N.W.A. The struggles and obstacles shown throughout the movie shows the viewers what it was like growing up as a black male in Compton, California during this time while also trying to become successful in the music industry. Throughout the movie it is very noticeable that there was an excessive amount of stereotyping towards the average black male. In one of the first scenes of the movie an act of gang violence is shown, the scene pin pointed two specific gangs that were very popular during this time. The “bloods” whom were represented with the color read, and the “crips” represented with the color blue. There was threatening, weapons and the topic …show more content…

Jerry took advantage of the men and ripped them all off financially. From the beginning Jerry was very sketchy not providing the legal documents for the group that was originally needed. When Jerry did provide the legal documents for the men to sign, he wanted it to be singed right away opposed to waiting for an attorney which legally is how it should be done. Some members began to catch on such as, Ice Cube while Eazy E did not. Jerry took a big portion of the groups money and never split it evenly, Ice Cube began to catch on. Jerry looked over Ice Cube and stereotyped him as just a young uneducated thug and figured he wouldn’t be smart enough to get help reading the fine print that he had prepared. When in reality, Ice cub was an amazing poet who was extremely bright. With that being said, he backed out. Towards the end of the film you begin to notice Eazy E running into some financial trouble. Eazy E stood by Jerry’s side the whole time, Jerry had he nice house while Eazy E was forced the leave his lavish life and was going back and forth between homes. Jerry took advantage of him and was convinced Eazy E would never be smart enough to figure it out because he was a young black

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