Strange Meeting By Wilfred Owen Essay

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To Be Acquainted at Last

When first reading Strange Meeting, a reader may have troubles reading the text or even feel uncertain of what they are reading. This is by no means an accident, as the author is intentionally using different types of poetic devises and different sounds to make the reader feel almost as uncertain as the narrator himself. In his poem, Strange Meeting, Wilfred Owen brilliantly uses the sound, figurative language and diction of the poem to introduce a “strange” meeting between two characters in hell, which engages the readers to feel almost similar to the narrator himself. Over the course of the poem, Owen uses a plethora of techniques to engage the reader as much as possible. Through Owen’s use of sound, he tends to halt the reader and make them hesitant as they continue reading. Then, through his use of figurative language, the author establishes a strong interpretation of the poem. Finally, through his use of style and diction he paints a clear image of the theme and tone of the poem.
Sound plays a crucial role in this poem, as it is the first thing the reader is going to notice. Owen uses a poetic technique known as iambic pentameter. When using this technique it puts the reader in a rhythm of reading that makes the poem flow smooth. It consists of five iambs per line. An iamb is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one. For example, in line 1 you can see how he Owen uses it to start the poem, “It SEEM/ed that OUT/ of BAT/tle I
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