Stratford Girl Monologue

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Letting Go Frances-Jane approached the Strattford train station warily, seemingly unsure of herself and her surroundings. For the hundredth time that day she wondered why she should be here, and what good it would create. But with a quick straightening of her plaid skirt and a tuck of her blouse, she gathered her courage to continue. Cautiously walking along the old pathway, taking note of the peculiar way the earth had cracked in two, she made her way towards the station platform. She had to see him again. Andy had to know. Still, Frances was ambiguous. Why should she interrupt Andy’s perfect life now, when he wouldn’t even be staying in Strattford? Frances couldn’t help but let her thoughts run wild …show more content…

Twittering of voices ahead, spoke of nothing but of what was to come. The whole town had made their way out to farewell their soldiers and see them into their adventures. Rounding the corner, Frances caught the full sight of the families congregating gaily, embracing their sons and brothers. It was a joyous occasion, with handshakes and backslaps; everyone was happy. Although behind it all, the prevailing smell of fear and unease hung in the air. As an outsider looking in, approaching this scene should have been intimidating. What those crowds contained should have intimidated her. But somehow, it didn’t. Instead the steal building was filled with warmth. The love of these families, the admiration of friends. Frances envied them. The way they could act so happy and so oblivious to the looming tragedies. Strattford enveloped the soldiers. So, pleased with their brave young men setting out for the great unknown; couldn’t care less for where they were really …show more content…

All young, happy men. Frances thought of the voids they were going to leave. A brother? A son? A father? Advancing closer to the crowds she had one thing on her mind, one person on her mind. As Frances started to cross empty floor space between herself and the crowd, a young woman hurried up behind her. Startled by Frances, she ran into her. ‘Oh dear, my apologies.’ The lady uncovered her face from her ash-blonde hair. ‘Don’t be working yourself up into a flap. They’ll be comin’ home soon.’ reassured the women, referring to the soldiers. It was Cecelia. Andy’s fiancé. Now with her body full of shame, Frances searched for the one person she just had to see. The crowd was dispatching slowly as the soldiers began to board the train, so Frances found her way to the front of the platform. Just about to make his way onto the train Frances found him, and wherever she Andy she would find

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