Stratification Impact On Society

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The meaning of stratification is inequalities between people, community or society. It can happen socially or economically based on social status, class, ethnicity, income, wealth, race, religion, gender and power. Stratification is an unfair situation and we can find it almost in every society. In this case, resources in a society distributed unequally. For instance, in some society men and women treated differently. In Asia, some community believes that women cannot eat before man or with man which is a clear gender discrimination. Also, in some societies, women are not allowed to do a job or get the higher education. However, in some societies, it can be very less and in some societies, it can be seen everywhere. Social …show more content…

There was also widespread destruction of black property. The tremendous suffering of colored people is one of the biggest inequality systems of a society. However, after the Civil War, everything supposes to be equal between African American and others. Even though they got rights but they became segregated from the society. Everything was separated like schools, church, neighborhood, transit, etc. Also, Black merchant faced problem to do business with White people and found trouble getting capital and product supply. Black children found discrimination in schools, playground, and other places. Still, now some of them get discriminated because of stratification. Some people still insult them with their past. Another big stratification happens in our society is based on class. The class is separated into Upper class, Middle class, Lower class and Under class. In our society, upper class make more than $200,000 a year, the middle class make between 40,000 to 200,000, lower class make less than 20,000 and underclass make less than lower class or maybe nothing. Generally, society respect upper-class people more than the lower class based on their power and wealth. Suppose, if someone goes to a restaurant by wearing branded dress and look like rich, mostly he will get the good treat from there. However, if the same person goes with poor dress up, fewer chances to get a good treat. So, class matters in our society. To illustrate, In Bangladesh or in India they

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