Stratification and Income Gap in the United States Essay

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Stratification and Income Gap

A gap in income leads to many socio- economic differences that are clearly visible all around us. Those who are financially well off enjoying a multitude of privileges that the underprivileged do not enjoy. Among some of the privileges are a better standard of living, better healthcare, better education as well as power and prestige. It is then obvious, why most people long to be in the higher income group. The established belief is that anyone with merit can climb the social ladder to a better standard of living. But the question we must ask is: is that possible for everyone? Is the ideology of equal opportunity for all, entirely true? The point is that lower …show more content…

It has nothing to do with being less intellectually capable than their richer counter parts but merely being less privileged. They are automatically deprived of the opportunity to compete on equal grounds with the richer folk and being less educated puts them leagues behind the educated workforce. A lack of education or being less educated will mean a person working at manual jobs, earning lower, saving less and making little to no investments. Since social stratification generally carries down from one generation on to the next, wealth generally remains concentrated at the top. That means that the next generation of the upper class elite will enjoy the same luxuries their forefathers enjoyed while the poor will still be denied privileges including social mobility and economic growth.
On the other hand, it can be argued that some form of social inequality is important for a society to successfully function. It prompts people to compete for social goods and services and give their best to attain a better quality of life. It helps in keeping the society from becoming stagnant as everyone tries to work to their full potential. Some form of social stratification has always been present throughout history and just as there is a need for doctors, teachers and lawyers there is a need for street cleaners, garbage men and sweepers for a fully functional society. It is certainly true

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