Stress And Health: Chapter Analysis

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When thinking about Evicted and the different chapters we have learned about in class, the first chapter that came to my mind as relating most to Evicted was the chapter Stress and Health. Many topics in that chapter appeared in the book and related to many of the problems that the characters were facing in Evicted. The characters in the book had stressors that affected them in their daily lives, which also caused many health problems in the long run. Evicted is about multiple families in the poorest neighborhoods of Milwaukee. It goes through each families’ problems in their daily lives and their struggles with paying rent. The book’s main purpose is spread awareness of evictions today and the problems many Americans face today with housing.…show more content…
People with stress also engage in behaviors that are not good for their immune system. This is shown many times in Evicted when people get sick and get diagnosed with a disease after years of living in poverty, getting evicted, or being stressed. For example, Scott grew up in awful conditions and was in poverty as a child, but later was able to educate himself and get a good job. Unfortunately, after an incident at his nursing home that he worked at and his doctor retiring, he became very stressed out and started taking prescription drugs. He also began stilling drugs from people at the nursing home. This affected him a lot and he had to leave his job and live in poverty due to all the money he spent on drugs. After all of these events, he became even more stressed, which made his health even worse. Similar to what the textbook said, when people are stressed, they do things that are not good for their bodies, such as stop exercising, not sleeping well, not eating well, and turning to drugs and alcohol. For Scott, he turned to drugs and alcohol when he was stressed, which affected his life in a negative way. Another example was Ned, who had the stress of having to move his family after an eviction. The eviction was a huge stress on him. He began to miss work and make mistakes at work. This lead to him getting fired from his construction
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