Stricter Media Regulations

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With the rise of new technologies, there is certain debates on whether or not media regulations are a good or a bad thing. There are benefits and consequences for both sides. In a sense, regulations are an essential element in our society. Every time there is a new technology, regulations must be made in order to create rules that influencers and organizations must follow. Stricter media regulations means would protect public interests, protect individual rights, insuring fair competition, and censoring violent and innappropriate material. On the other hand, the incorporation of media regulations by the government could potentially unconstitutional and limit the freedoms of the press. One must look at both sides to form their own opinion about how much regulation is needed. …show more content…

Many good things have come from government regulation such as copyright laws, the FCC and regulating ownership to influence competition. The copyright laws and mechanisms in place to insure the protection of intellectual property rights. These laws are put into place as the protection of ideas and products that could potentially be stolen or used without the owners approval. The FCC, or the Federal Radio Commission, is an agency that's sole responsibility is to regulate TV, radio and phone industries. The FCC policy makers are there to serve the "public interest" in censoring subjects that may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or politically incorrect. This censorship insures that children are not subject to foal material that are inappropriate for them. Another important aspect is the regulating of the ownership and control. This is essential in that competition thrives and mass media is not dominated by one

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