Strikers Played A More Transformative Role During The Progressive Era Essay

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Strikers played a more transformative role during the progressive era. The strikers were the face of grievances facing workers. They gathered and fought for the rights they thought they deserved. They were able to accomplish demands that had plagued their lives for years. Without the use of striking or unionized assemblies, a push for rights would have been lost in the aggressive and influential employers. The reformers and push to give workers’ rights came about from the loud voice of strikes. The Anthracite Industry is one such unionized group that transformed the work of miners. The Shirtwaist factory workers is another group of strikers that helps prove that strikers played a more transformative role. These two groups embody the spirit of transformation towards a better working life. Anthracite coal mining consisted of differing levels of skill and precision that could be lucrative depending upon the miner’s luck. A coal miner would be lucky to find steady employment, or to even survive to the day’s end. The procedures involved in preparing the coal from the mines to the shipping was filled with dangers that led the “industry” as “one of the world’s most hazardous.” Mine owners to maintain “overhead costs” and keep mine workers in the industry, would tactfully engage in underemployment. This left workers in state of constant need for more work, or higher wages to offset working part-time. These Anthracite miners were largely paid more than the average miner, but

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