Striving to Achieve Goals in The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst Essays

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Setting goals is a major part of everyones life. Many people have different goals that they set. One goal that someone sets could be very hard for that person to do but very easy for someone else to accomplish. Goals are important for us to survive or to feel good about ourselves. Without goals, we would be so lazy and not get anything done. Most goals that people set, they don’t even know about. Goals make us feel accomplished and good about ourselves and are actually good for us because they make us want to get something done. In the short story, “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst, Doodle strives for the goals that the narrator sets because his brother pushes him to and because he wants to do something no one thinks he can do, also the …show more content…

When Doodle got older the narrator started hanging out with him but he had to pull him in a go kart because Doodle was crippled. The narrator set a goal then that he was going to teach Doodle to walk. Doodle tried really hard to learn because he knew that his all of his family except for his older brother never thought that he would be able to walk. Doodle wanted to prove himself so-to-speak, so he could walk and fit in with everyone and also go and play with his older brother like a normal younger brother would. He did then, on his birthday, he walked to the dining room table and his whole family stared in wonder and awe at him.

Lastly, in the short story, “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurt,s the goals reflect the conflict that the narrator feels about Doodle because Doodle is crippled. After a birth gone wrong and an near death experience, Doodle cannot walk or do everything a normal kid would do. His older brother, the narrator, wants more than anything to have a little brother that could go up in the barn loft with him and see everything. Instead, he has to pull Doodle around in a go kart everywhere. Inspite of everyone saying Doodle would never be a normal brother, the narrator set out on a mission to teach Doodle to walk. He does by bribing Doodle with a ride on the go kart or showing him a picture of the two of them when they are old and he is still pulling Doodle on the go kart. This always kept Doodle going and kept him trying to walk. Eventually

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