Struggle And Failure In Algebra

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Have you ever encountered a time of struggle or failure? Perhaps a time where you struggled in school, trying to maintain a decent grade? I suffered dramatically in Algebra during my freshman year. I excelled during the beginning of the school year, but deteriorated towards the end. I failed the second semester of Algebra I. At first, Algebra was easy and straightforward, like jumping into uncharted water. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, with a blink of an eye, until first semester came to an end. Despite the success I had gained through the first semester, second semester began. Complications in math started to kick in second semester. I would go in after school for help with my terrifying teacher, Mrs. Oyamot. Sometimes I was too scared to ask for help, which is why I struggled in her class. From then on, I realized the path I was going down was going to be a rough one. Little by little, as time passed, my struggle turned into feeling lost and confused. I felt horrible and devastated, like a woman grieving after her husband’s death. I stopped going in for help after feeling scared and guilty, simultaneously. It came to the point where I stopped showing my parents my tests or quizzes like I always did before. I was afraid to show them. I had many chances to bring up my scores, but didn’t take advantage of the opportunity, and that’s the one thing I regret the most. My test grades descended, and constantly stayed below average, like a heart that …show more content…

I regretted not going in after school for good help. In my transcript, you will see the “D” standing out in my second semester of my freshmen year. It’s the only unattractive grade that ruins the streak of my marvelous “A’s” and “B’s”. From failing this class, it could possibly affect a college’s opinion of me. It affects me because knowing the feeling of regret due to one simple thing I decided not to do: get help from a

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