Student Characters InA Palace Thief, By Ethan Canin

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Within the text “ A Palace Thief” by Ethan Canin, Hundert, a history teacher in St. Benedict's, believes that he will mold his students characters. He then meets Sedgewick Bell, a student who influences his “code of morals.”
A major ideology that Hundert believes in is that with the assistance of history, he will develop good character and high ideals in the minds of his students. He believes that with these characteristics his students would become great men in the future. In the text when Hundert is asked by Senator Bell what is the benefit of teaching his students history, Hundert replies saying, “ When they read the reign of Augustus Caesar… advances lead mankind away from the brutish rivalries… into the two centuries of Pax Romana, then they understand the importance of character and high ideals.” It is important to note how Hundert is able to say this statement without hesitation and declares that he is “well-prepared.” This statement contributes to the idea of Hundert's commitment of using great men of history to mold such qualities into his students. Hundert believes that he should mold such characteristics into the minds of his students because he was mindful of the the role the “...students would eventually play in the affairs of our country.", As stated before, Hundert teaches at an elite private school and he had “taught the sons of nineteen senators,” during his time there. As he was teaching the offspring of influential people this, would influence his idea

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