Student Loan for Higher Education

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1.1 Background of the study. University education is probably one of the most important investments parents make for their children. If we want to find a decent job, we will probably require tertiary education. However, tuition fees seem to be getting higher by the day. Consequently, those from lower or middle class families face difficulty financing their children’s education. To resolve this problem, they need to find a lender who can help them to pay for their children’s tuition fees. We often hear about personal, home, or car loans, but for the purpose of this research, I will shift my focus towards education loans. An education loan is basically funding provided by an entity which typically the government, a bank, or an organization to help a student pursue their studies by covering things such as their tuition fees, cost of books, and living expenses. Therefore related to all the basic needs as a student, they have to borrow the amount that they don’t have in the moment of their study. By getting the borrowing by these entities to further their study, the students automatically create an event for them to move forward into repayment atmosphere after they are completion the studies. When it comes to a stage of repay back the loan to the lender, these students might face the problem where they can’t manage to handle the payment constantly that influences by the factors of the borrower’s attitude, the burden of the debt and the income of the

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