Student Loans And Student Loan Debt

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Samantha Hillstrom, a CNN production assistant, is living out her lifelong dream in television. Unfortunately, at a staggering $1,200 per month in student loan repayment debt partly because she was misinformed of the terms of her student loan (55). Debt is foreseeable but student loan debt can leave borrowers distraught at the mere thought of the unrealistic terms (Hillstrom 55). All students entering college need to be aware of student loans and how they impact the future; either negatively or positively.
For some students, a college degree is the key to success but for others the completion of formal education also introduces a huge burden. Many students desire higher education but increasing enrollment rates have driven up the cost of college tuition and fees; therefore, forcing some students to offset the cost with student loans whereas the loans are often accompanied by debt (“A College” 6). Student loans generate an average debt of twenty thousand dollars per student inevitably student loans are necessary for two thirds of all students. (Collinge 76). Per data from the College Board, the repayment of student loans becomes a challenge for some borrowers, especially students who do not complete the program and those students who sought a less than marketable degree (“A College” 8). The American Council on Education suggests, one fifth of undergraduates with personal loans overlook the possibility of being eligible for a federal student loan; consequently, private loans…

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