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The dawn of a new millennium is upon us and we, the Republican Party, are fully prepared to meet the challenges that await us. This past century, due to the resilience and determination of the American people, our country has experienced more growth and prosperity than any other nation in recorded history. However, dark challenges threaten the moral fiber of this great nation. The past eight years, under Clinton’s leadership, the national government has lacked the fortitude to effectively battle the dangerously extremist trends that have gradually forced their way into the American culture. In order for America to be the great nation it once was, the Republican Party must be in power.

The Republican Party has a vision
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With this reduction we have rekindled the belief in the American dream. Economic prosperity and sound moral and family values have begun to be reinstated in all arenas of American life.

We believe there should be less government intrusion in the lives of Americans because only the American people can decide what is best for them. We stand for a rollback of federal government paternalism and intervention and instead call for an increased roll of the individual and a revitalization of the American tradition of entrepreneurial innovation. The rise of the Republican Party to national prominence will allow us to realize these goals and restore America to its former glory.

Federal Minimum Wage

We the Republican Party support the American workforce knowing that the future of the country rests on a strong economy. To insure economic prosperity it is imperative that states have the freedom to act accordingly to its economy. We as Americans, as workers, and as taxpayers should seek to quiet the anxiety over labor and wages. We cannot be held to a standard that blankets the whole nation when it is evident that each state is different. States must be allowed to evaluate the conditions of their economy, unemployment, growth and other relative demographics and then should have the ability to set the minimum wage.

The Republican Party strongly believes that government
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