Subject Matter Of Apollomeo

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Subject Matter The painting is part of a series of canvases with mythological themes. Since antiquity Apollo - the embodiment of the high, the spiritual principle in man. For artists who created paintings on the subjects mentioned, the Apollo was a symbol of the high purpose of art, and Ban with Marsyas - a symbol of vulgar, coarse pseudo catering to the crowd and wakes up in her base instincts. The appearance of a satyr Marsyas nothing like the ideal of beauty. The artist depicts him as if he was a messenger of hell. The main idea of the complex and dramatic pictures this: the purpose of art - to elevate the soul, and worthy of punishment those who cynically use art to awaken in man instincts and passions.This painting is composed in such a manner, that it should be viewed from a distance as opposed to…show more content…
The painting is executed only in three colors that are incredibly accurate betray the horror of the situation presented. For arrogance satyr stripped off his skin. Executioner Marsyas advocates Apollo himself, having fallen to terrible cruelty of man - he sits on his haunches with a knife in his hand, already sentenced to punishment. This is the tragedy of the story, the artist puts just punishing knife in hand of Apollo, which is on par with gross executioners administers a terrible penalty. The central figure of the picture - the once haughty satyr Marsyas - expresses the pain and suffering from the cruelty of Apollo and regret for what he did. The agonized face of Marsyas illustrates the artist’s penchant for conveying intense emotion. At the same time look attracts a figure sitting on the left of the main character - it resembles the artist who receives a strange pleasure from the observed scene.The painting depicts another satyr, who covers his face with his hands, depicting this despair and fear. But they do not play a big role, because the picture is about two characters whose life line is very
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