Success Letter for Young Jae

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A Success Letter for my Nephew Young Jae Dear Young Jae, You were just six when I wrote this. But I made sure that you would get this letter at the age of twelve. You are now at the age when you start thinking about your future. Enjoy your childhood but you need to start preparing yourself for an adult life. Being successful as an adult is not easy, so it is time for you to start learning some lessons. There is no better way of learning the life from your own life experiences but you are too young yet. So the best way for you now is to learn from the experiences of your closest ones. I decided to share with you a little formula of success I have learned by taking a wonderful class recently. Of course, I did not learn this formula from this class alone. My life experience is my best teacher but this class helped me find that teacher. I am sharing this formula with you because I love you and I want you to be successful and to be "forever prosperous," as your parents intended you to be by giving you your name. The formula consists of three strategies and I will list them for you in this letter. Before explaining the formula, let me tell you a bit about the meaning of success. Understand that success does not necessarily mean earning lots of money or being famous. You will need to define your personal success by yourself. It is not an easy task. You will need to work on it, contemplate about your dreams, weigh pros and cons of what those dreams will bring to you, and assess

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