Suffering From Alcoholism, A Jewish New Yorker With The Name Of Jimmy Lerner

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Suffering from alcoholism, a Jewish New Yorker with the name of Jimmy Lerner, subsequently joins a local support group called alcoholics anonymous, also known as A.A.. In pursuit to change his life in a positive manner he attends the classes every Monday night in his town of Danville. While at one of the meetings he meets a man named Dwayne Hassleman. After forming a bond, they exchange contact information which led to obsessive late night phone calls by Mr. Hassleman. Being aggravated, Lerner blocks his number, but notwithstanding encounters the man furthermore down the road after Lerner as well as his wife had agreed upon a divorce. Dwayne is a compulsive drug abuser, swarms Jimmy every day with some kind of attention. With a few …show more content…

Currently wielding a staggering metal belt buckle, the man that is described as the “monster” goes into distinct detail as to how he is going to end Jimmy, nevertheless, finishing off the brutal description with his intentions on what he had planned for his daughters after he had finished Lerner. Being a loving father of his two teenage daughters Lerner breaks loose of the snug grip, in result, the enraged father launches his fist connecting with the face of the deranged man. Spewing blood everywhere, Lerner wraps the belt around his opponent 's neck, in result, Lerner pulls with a great force until Hassleman 's neck snapped. With a lifeless body lying in a pool of blood, the Las Vegas diamond suite that once appeared as a luxury room, now looks as if a war had just ended. Being found guilty of murder, landed Lerner a long extended time period of two to twelve years in prison, Lerner is not the average joe in the prison population. Inmates who are incarcerated tend to be uneducated people that strongly lack a literate mind. Possessing an M.B.A, Lerner is looked at as if he knows all the answers to anything. The diverse ethnicity in the correctional system seems to be segregated. Caucasians associate with other Caucasians, African Americans associate with African Americans, as well as the Hispanics associate with other Hispanics. Each different ethnic group tends to have their own particular nickname.

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