Suicide Is A Serious Issue

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Suicide is one of the largest social problems today affecting many lives in one way or another. It is a serious issue with multiple contributors that have been elusive in many cases as we try to understand why many younger people are choosing to end their lives instead of receive the help they need. Suicide is a serious issue that can have lasting results on individuals, families and communities. Although suicide rates decreased from 1990-2000, suicide is on the rise again and now the “10th leading cause of death in the US for all ages” (SAVE | Suicide Facts. n.d.). The causes of suicide are complex and unique to each, therefore, with effective prevention approaches, patient rights, and options as well as resources available to those experiencing suicidal ideations, we can promote awareness of suicide and encourage social change. Funding for community resources has been shrinking for decades, and it is becoming problematic for many of those who are in urgent need of psychiatric attention. Access to comprehensive, quality mental health service is often compounded by discriminatory barriers such as high costs and lack of insurance coverage. These restrictions imposed by insurance companies as well as policies and procedures delay patients from receiving appropriate care, as well as the inability to receive preventive care and hospitalization that could be prevented. For many individuals diagnosed with mental health disorders, are routinely discriminated against having to pay

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