Sula Character Analysis

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In the novel “Sula”, the two main characters are used by the author to show that appearances don’t tell the full story and we have more in common than it may seem. One character is Nel Wright. She is a lighter skinned black girl who grew up in a strict, religious household. She is more calculated in her thoughts. The other character is Sula Peace. She is a darker skin girl who grew up in a boarding house with many different types of people. Sula is more instinctual with her actions and she doesn’t want to follow traditional societal norms. In many ways these characters appear to be opposites of each other yet they also complete each other. They both serve as half of one well adjusted “ideal “person. I believe the author uses the element of character to illustrate the theme of good vs evil and how it’s not always that simple.
Throughout the novel, Nel is seen as the “good” person while Sula is seen as the “bad” person. There is a good vs evil dynamic that is stressed throughout the book with these two characters but they realize that they are practically the same towards the end.
I believe that Nel’s wedding was a great scene that showcased the fundamental differences between Nel and Sula. At a young age, Nel vowed to be herself when she saw the way her submissive, traditional mother was viewed. She told herself that she would never get to that level. She ended up sticking to what she knows when she married a man named Jude who only wanted to be in a relationship so he could be viewed as “the man “. Nel ended up being just like her mother because she gave into the societal norms of marriage and accepted the submissive role. This behavior is a stark contrast to Sula who wanted no part of what society expects. “It would be ten years before they saw each other again, and their meeting would be thick with birds. “(85)I think this shows the disconnect that developed between the two girls. I believe that the very free- spirited Sula was disappointed in Nel for accepting this passive role and Sula decided to leave town because of it. Sula lives a more independent lifestyle which she believes is the correct way to live.
While Nel's wedding served as a distinct contrast between the two, there was a moment where Sula

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