Sula by Toni Morrison

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Sula by Toni Morrison, is a book about a black female and the various events throughout her life. The majority of these events were at the fault of Sula, but because of her past she did not know, or could not understand any better. Sula became the woman that she was because of the people and events that were around her during her childhood. When Sula was a child, she grew up faster than most children because of the things that she saw and heard, so it was almost as if she had a loss of childhood. When Sula was only three years old, her father died. Although this may not have had a direct effect on Sula because of how young she was, her mother, Hannah, was left without a husband and with an unquenchable thirst for "maleness" (Bukisa).…show more content…
Sula's relationship with Nel was another major factor in her maturation into a woman. Sula and Nel were like each other's support systems (Bukisa). Throughout their childhood, Nel always supported Sula and vice versa, even though they were extremely different. Nel was conservative and brought up in a relatively stable home by a proper, lady-like, mother, the way their society expected, while Sula was raised in a home where people constantly came and went, by a mother who slept with different men on various occasions. These two completely different worlds were what drew these two young girls to each other (Bukisa). They were opposite in more than just their upbringing. Sula was rougher and tougher than Nel was, but her emotions were also inconsistent. Nel, on the other hand, was quiet, and normally had a steady emotion (Bukisa). It was as if these two girls were each one half of the same whole, making them inseparable. During their childhood, they shared everything, including boyfriends. All of these factores contributed to Sula's personality and actions as an adult. Sula as an adult had problems with love, recognizing boundaries, and fitting in. Sula lacked the ability to love because of her family, mainly her mother. Hearing Hanna say that she loved Sula but did not like her made Sula believe that love was something that was forced upon

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