Summary : ' Cyber Security ' Principles And Policy Options

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Summary for 'Cyber security - principles and policy options

Cyber security is one of the major problem now a days because this problem doesn 't consent with a single company or a state, all over the world are facing Cyber security problems. Some of the countries are consistently improvising their security. Some of the most prescient threats to cyber security are online identity theft, critical infrastructure protection, industrial cyber espionage and bonnets. Online identity theft is mostly seen in bank sectors because banks are encouraging online transactions because of their easy services and also with low transaction cost compare to that of transaction at physical branches. But banks have not kept up authentication, to identify
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This botnets can employ attacks on all of the above categories. These are crafted for a particular purpose, which vary based on the preferences of the miscreant controlling the botnet, called a botnet herder. The size of botnets varies, the more important factor is what purpose they are being put toward. The Conficker botnet which was huge, infecting millions of computers but which is no harm full. Economic barriers to improving cyber security are Misaligned Incentives, Information Asymmetries and Externalities. Misaligned Incentives, information system fails when the person protecting the information is not the one who suffers when the information is leaked. Medical records are bought by hospital directors and insurance companies, whose interests in cost control, account management and research are not well aligned with the patient’s interests in privacy. The natural tension between efficiency and resilience in the design of IT systems. We can understand that perfect security is imposable, the trade-off between security and efficiency implies that there exists some level of insecurity. Such misalignment is inevitable for many information security decisions. Information Asymmetries, the information on which we cannot reliable takes many
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