Summary : Fail And Fail Back By Allan H. Meltzer

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Kyle Olejarczyk
Mrs. Brower
Adv. Comp.
3 Oct. 2017
Academic Journal Analysis Allan H. Meltzer’s article about socialism published in 2016, titled: Fail and Fail Again: Like a Bad Penny, Socialism Keeps Coming Back is a piece that is effective in displaying many faults within a socialist government. Meltzer shows that socialist governments are proven to fail, while capitalist countries in contrast have a long history of prosperity. Meltzer’s method of displaying this fact and persuading the audience is strong and his thesis is sound. In the use of historical examples, logical explanation, and repetition, he effectively sways the audience’s opinion to his viewpoint. Socialism, in the centuries that it has existed and through countless …show more content…

There are many more instances of authoritarian governments falling short of expectations in history, such as Venezuela, which Meltzer refers to: “Venezuela... The socialist government there has expropriated most industry and replaced professional managers with political friends who lack both skills and knowledge. Inflation soared and recently rose to more than 100 percent a year. Food became scarce, and poverty increased so much that the government stopped publishing the data.” (Meltzer). By using Venezuela as an example, Meltzer is showing his audience how the nation foolishly adopted authoritarianism and how it consequently ruined its economy. The fact of Venezuela’s fall due to socialism imposes socialism as a nation-killer to the audience.
Many millennials in the twenty-first century still support the idea of socialism, especially the so-called “democratic socialism” that was proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election - they support Sanders’ economic plan, regardless of its disappointing history. The reason for this is simple: today’s young adults are ignorant to the repercussions and flaws in the logic behind it. It is necessary to fully understand why authoritarianism is defective, something that Meltzer explains using logic: “His [Sanders] main proposals demand higher taxes on the highest incomes, free college

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