Summary : ' Longhorn Cattle '

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Jilani S. Austin Mrs. Raesner English 4-2nd 21 October 2015 Longhorn Cattle Longhorn Cattle have a long history to go with their long horns that they are known for which can grow up to seven feet wide. Their progenitors were acquainted with the New World in 1493 when Christopher Columbus arrived in the present-day Caribbean Islands. As Spanish moved north they carried the cows with them and in the eighteen - hundreds longhorns touched base in the zone that would get to be Texas. These cattle were viewed as wild until tamed in the nineteenth century. (Radke) These cattle are a breed of cattle descended from cows and bulls left by early Spanish settlers in the American Southwest. By the end of the American Civil War (1861-1865) these cattle had multiplied and great numbers of them roamed freely across the open range of the West. However, Americans found the beef of longhorns stringy and tough, so they bred the longhorns with other breeds such as Hereford and Angus to produce better quality meat. (Gale) Hereditary examination is demonstrating that types of bovines in the Americas including the Texas Longhorn are relatives of dairy animals from India. India has the biggest populace of cows on the planet so this would bode well. They are trailed by Brazil, China, and the United States. The Indian breeds were transported to East Africa, then to Spain and in the long run to the Caribbean. This strange voyage of the Indian cow 's qualities is a direct reflection human
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