Summary Of A Short Story 'Tomorrow Is Too Far'

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All my life, well almost all of it, I have lived in the shadow of my older brother. An extreme extrovert, athletic, funny, and suffering from ADD my brother is always the center of attention whether it is wanted or not. If he is in the room he makes sure everyone knows and most times my family will turn their attention to him. In the short story, Tomorrow is Too Far our narrator tells of a similar feeling of sibling favoritism and rivalry. Our narrator describes in the opening, “Grandmama let only my brother Nonso climb the trees to shake a loaded branch, although you were a better climber than he was.” (Adichie 311). This statement is something I can relate to and feel her frustration of not being seen or recognized for her talents. …show more content…

I relate to our reader when she talks about her feelings of being treated as an after-thought at times.
As our narrator uncovers the story, we learn that Nonso ultimately dies that summer in a terrible accident. We gather that the jealousy our narrator feels overtakes her to the point of her being the reason. Before his tragic accident we learn, “It was not the summer you feel in love with your cousin Dozie because that happened a few summers before…it was the summer that your hate for your brother Nonso grew so much you felt it squeezing your nostrils and your love for your cousin Dozie ballooned and wrapped around your skin.” (Adichie 313)
She eventually reveals the truth around his death, and while you think that as a reader she might feel some relief from her brother’s death and she may become the center of attention and concern, it is the opposite. We learn that in even in Nonso’s death he is the one thing her Grandmama and mother think of and not at all what she might be going through because of the tragic events she witnessed when our narrator tells us, “Hate. The word makes it difficult to breathe, the same way it was difficult to breathe when you waited, those months after Nonso died, for your mother to notice that you had a voice pure like water and legs like elastic bands, for your mother to end her good-night visits to your room with that

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