Summary Of Andy Mulligan's Trash

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Andy Mulligan stayed in the Philippines for several years and then she came back and the book trash. Trash is about three boys Gardo, Raphael and Rat who after discovering some clues about a mystery that José Angelico started before he was killed by the corrupt police/Government. Andy Mulligan shows that corrupt people can bring harm on others through Point of View, setting and Characterization. Mulligan shows us that corrupt people are dangerous to others in Point of View. Even though there are different Point of Views throughout the story to have trash make more sense to the reader. In sister Olivia's Point of View we get just how corrupt people are harming others. She is from a foreign country and it makes it more shocking to find out…show more content…
It shows that the Philippines could not be in the state they are now but the Government is siphoning of that money for themselves and not caring about the rest of the country as they had all the money. Setting is a great way to show us how corrupt people are harming others. Characterisations is a great way to see how how different people can hurt others because of there need for money. Everyone has a need for money so you cant trust anyone because they could sell you out. “When the police get mean you don’t want to be around”,“If the police think you’ve got something, they won’t stop till they’ve got it from you”. “This isn’t going to end Raphael until you give us the bag” and “That’s what all of you are. You are a piece of garbage”. These are quotes from people talking about the police and the police talking to Raphael and it shows us how everyone is afraid of what you know because they will get it from you even if it means killing you or loved ones as they are corrupt. “ I thought he was soft before that, just a little boy who would break but I was wrong”. It shows the character growth of Raphael after being beaten by the police and how everyone thought he was soft and childish but because of the corruption him and all the other trash boys have to grow up much faster so they can have food. Andy Mulligan shows us that corrupt people can bring harm on others through Point of View, Setting and characterisation.
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