Summary Of ' Catch 22 ' By Joseph Heller

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David Payne
Mrs. Baker
AP English 4
Aggressors and Victims in Catch-22 Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is an obvious satire about modern day ethics in business, medicine, and the military and the incompetence, pettiness, and corruption within the bureaucratic ranks of the military. Each of its character’s represent something special and they are either aggressors or victims of the aggressors. The aggressors in the novel are the ones who bully or manipulate selfishly and heartless. They have zero compassion for human life and answer only to those with the money and the power. The victims are the ones that are the target of such bullying and manipulation by the aggressors. The aggressors in the novel are Milo Minderbinder, ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen, Colonel Cathcart, General Dreedle, and Captain Black. The victims in Catch-22 are Yossarian, Doc Daneeka, Nately, the Chaplain, and Major Major. Milo Minderbinder, the first aggressor, is satire for modern business and all that is wrong with it. As a mess officer he runs a lucrative enterprise syndicate and his only real care is profit. He will go to great lengths to make a profit and he has no allegiance or loyalty to a country, person, or principle unless it pays him. He cares about no one other than the money and therefore has no real concern for anyone else. Even though he says that everyone “has a share” in the profits of the syndicate, this is not really true, he just says it to make more money for himself with their help.
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