Summary Of Franny And Zooey

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In J.D. Salinger's’ Franny and Zooey, we learn about Franny Glass ,the youngest of many kids in the Glass family. Franny is struggling with managing her emotions as a college student away from home. She comes home to her mom ,Bessie, and her brother, Zooey for a weekend visit after fainitng at school. Bessie notices the changes in her daughter and becomes concerned. Bessie wants Zooey to talk to Franny about what is wrong with his sister and begins to pressure him into talking to her. Although neither of them want to be bothered by the other, their eventual conversation results in Zooey doesn’t really want to give in to the pressure from his mother in talking to Franny, but he does come around to it. Franny initially appears …show more content…

She complains about Zooey to Buddy (Zooey) and how he just wouldn't leave her alone or stop talking. She continues to complain saying “I’ve never met anyone so completely destructive in my life! It’s just so unnecessary!” (189). I think Salinger is implying that once Zooey starts talking to Franny about something he will not drop it until she is content. He doesn’t give up even when she tries to let him know she doesn’t want to talk anymore. Zooey did just the opposite, he pushed Franny to her limit.
Franny would like nothing more than to talk to her brother Seymour. However, Seymour, the oldest of the children, committed suicide. Franny told Zooey that she wanted to talk to Seymour and nobody else for a couple of reasons. She respected Seymour. He had raised her and she missed her brother who had always taken care of her. She had listened to him her whole life and she wanted to listen to him now. She needed his advice. It is like the saying, she didn’t realize what she had until it was gone. In this difficult time in her life, she wishes to talk to him even more because she knows it isn’t possible. She probably didn’t need to talk to him like she does now because she was 13, and she didn’t have these kind of problems. While in his brothers’ room, Zooey began to feel guilty and wanted to help his sister after what he had done to her during their conversation. He knew that she was not ready to talk to him at this point. If she could

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