Summary Of Holden's Conversation With Horowitz

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During Holden’s conversation with Horowitz, Horowitz talks a lot about the fish in the lagoon, which symbolize adults, and make Holden feel different, more desperate and like he doesn’t belong anywhere. In the course of the conversation, Horowitz keeps saying that the fish “don’t go no place” (92) because the lagoon is “their nature” (92) and Mother Nature takes care of them. Holden is not satisfied with Horowitz’s argument and he says that “the fish is different” (92) and that he is “talking about the ducks” (92). Holden seems to compare the fish to adults, in contrast to the ducks who he compares to himself, and he completely rejects everything Horwitz says about the fish instead of trying to apply it to himself. The fact that Holden can’t

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