Summary Of I Too Sing America By Langston Hughes

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Futurist-The Langston Hughes In his poem “I, too, sing America,” Langston Hughes has positively predict that there will be no racial segregation, inequality, injustice, and discrimination in society for African Americans in the near future. Whereas it is also true that African Americans have suffered a lot during the twentieth century. Hughes is correct in his prediction that he foresees racial equality in society and African Americans are also a valuable part of our country. He says, “Tomorrow / I’ll be at the table / When company comes” (Hughes 8-10). Today, the black race has the same opportunities and rights as the white race. African Americans can become whatever they wish to be and they have no barriers from society and the government. They can achieve anything in their life. They can be president of our country, congressmen, businessmen, teachers, scientists, doctors etc. Not like past in history where there were government laws called “Black Codes,” which intensely limited the rights of African Americans and compelled them to work under whites with very low pay than they deserve. In her article “Why blacks believe in the American Dream more than Whites,” Tami Luhby of CNN Money says that “Some 55% of blacks and 52% of Hispanics say it's easier for them to achieve the American Dream than it was for their parents, compared to 35% of whites” (Luhby). Today every African American has an equal right and opportunity to become whatever they wish to. The best example would

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