Summary Of John Brown'sAbolitionist, Warrior Martyr, Prophet?

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In the article “Abolitionist, Warrior, Martyr, Prophet it talks about John Brown and his final mission against the slavery and how it hastened the coming of the Civil war. John Brown was born on May 9th, 1800 in Torrington Connecticut. John Brown is known to came to sympathize with organized abolitionism as a result of his father influence. After Brown read The Liberator a newspaper which thundered that slavery was a national sin and demanded immediate emancipation. Its arguments made Brown became more active in Abolitionism. Brown rejected any any notion that mankind could be perfected at all, a condition enjoyed about God alone. As Brown was in Hudson antislavery editor Elijah P. Lovejoy was brutally murdered. Lovejoy’s death provided abolitionists with a martyr, and public outrage broadened the anti slavery movement base in the Northern States. Brown said the remainder of his life he would fight for eradication of slavery. His radical ideas about racial equality set him apart from mainstream abolitionists. Brown worked outside of organized resistance and reform movements. The last major attempt to fix tensions over slavery failed miserably. Kansas Nebraska Act escalated tensions and made John Brown center of the disputes. Brown experiences with Kansas changed his strategy to end slavery. He now planned planned for the rapid establishment of a free, biracial state in the midst of the Old South. Brown publicly released his plan for a direct attack on slavery. He

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