Summary Of Just Walk On By Brent Staples

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During the mid-1970’s, people perceived African-Americans as physically more dangerous, despite the white and black male being equal in size. One black male in particular, author Brent Staples, wrote “Just Walk On By”, published in Ms. Magazine in the year of 1986, and argues that he has held “the ability to alter public space in ugly ways” because he appears to be of the African-American race(1). The purpose behind this excerpt is to notify the audience of how struggles due to stereotypes are contemporary in a black man’s life without a logical motive. Brent Staples, accomplished writer of “Just Walk On By”, builds his credibility with personal facts and sources while effectively triggering the emotions of his audience through the broad use of ethos. pathos. diction, and tone to portray the stereotypes that black males have to deal with. Staple’s audience is both the victimized black men who have experienced the same situations as him and the individuals who fear harmless pedestrians without reason. Staples reaches his audience in his claim that the black male will always be alleged violent and troublesome which is a “hazard in itself”(1). Brent Staples thrives in signifying the unceasing negative viewing of society’s black men.
In the essay, Staples first openly introduces his audience to his “first victim” by describing specified details of the woman immediately followed by the location of their crossing (1). Staples carries on to state the vibe that was given off by the

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