Summary Of ' Living As A Dumpster, `` Senior Editor From The Atlantic ' By James Hamblin

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In “Living Simply in a Dumpster,” senior editor from The Atlantic, James Hamblin created a profile that contained numerous bombshells and touched on an assortment of topics. I will be addressing how Jeff Wilson took on an extreme project to enlighten people about what it without a doubt means to live deliberately. I will be explaining how Jeff Wilson took on this intense project that also had an environmental educational aspect to it as well. Another point of view on this outlandish project is that it progressively alters a dumpster in to something way more than a person would ever expect. In essence, James Hamblin’s profile on Wilson is partially referring to living deliberately. The profile specifically points out that Professor Wilson is testing the limits of what are without a doubt needed in a home to survive. Downsizing was Professor Wilson’s goal, when he set out to sell a majority of his belongings on social media. Ultimately, Professor Wilson reduced his possessions down to thirty-six-square-feet of living space in a dumpster. After understanding the circumstances in this profile on Professor Wilson, living deliberately has definitely been redefined. This profile makes a person wonder, " how much space does a person require to survive? What can I live without in my home? Do I need the coffee table in my living room? Do I need a desk for my laptop? Are their things in my home that are there just to look nice? "I was completely astonished, when I read how much

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