Summary Of Matty's The Messenger

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Imagine a place where one's home town is being altered by a mayor with wrong reasoning. Were a plan for a local forest with special powers is being destroyed. Matty is curious about what is going on in the sacred woods down the street and does whatever it takes to find out. The Messenger by Lois Lowry is a book that the Puritans would obliterate due to law breaking citizens, opposing authority and being a naturally born sinner The Puritans would despise The Messenger because of law breaking citizens. When Matty was 15 years old she had obtained a job delivering local mail and newspaper. She had stumbled across an abandoned factory were they used to make pencils. Behind the factory was a patch of woods were they used to dump and burn the sawdust. Matty would often go to the woods to relax and think about her life when she wanted to be alone. She believed that the woods had a special power for cheering her up when she was feeling down. One day when she was delivering the newspaper she had dropped it and seen that they had begining plans to logout the forest and knocking down the factory for a new shopping plaza. Matty knew the mayor was behind all of this and she didn't want it to happen so she started stealing mail …show more content…

Sooner or later she knew she would get caught so she started talking to her friends. At night Matty would sneak out of the house and meet with her friends there. They had agreed on making a protest plan. The following week the mayor had approved the project and excavators, dump trucks and logging equipment were being brought in. Her parents knew she was sneaking out at night and went to confront her about it. When they asked her why she would not say so they grounded her. Needless to say Matty snuck out that night again to begin her protest plans for the next day. The next day the construction crew was shocked what they seen when coming into

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