Summary Of ' Seeing The Unseen ' Essay

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The project suggests a new typology of the hotel that addresses an alternative for the social situation in Doha. In general, typical hotels tend to conceal the service programs; the service programs and staffs are hidden in the basement, being removed out of the public vision and called “back of the house,” while the hotels are inclined to expose the rooms by deploying them on the front side of the facade. It is undeniable fact that the conventional typology has been working well all the while, however Doha has somewhat atypical context, consequently it calls for an exceptional architectural approach; Doha has been undergoing rapid growth in the hotel industry where numerous local residents are being engaged in the industry as hotel staffs. Moreover, Doha has extremely hot and humid weather. Therefore, the project proposes to reverse the tradition, drawing a question about the essence of the hotel (figure 1). To be specific, spaces and infrastructure for service are disposed in the perimeter to reveal the fundamental aspect of the hotel as such the inner organs become skin, conducting the whole metabolism of the body (figure 2). By doing so, the back stage becomes the main stage that shows the system of the hotel which is the heart and soul of the hotel. This logic is materialized in three points: programs, structure and tectonics, and the material properties.
First of all, the organization of service programs is the main apparatus of the system.
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